April 17, 2010

Kale Chips and Dog Heaven Marrow Bone Soup

No one but me around today, so I could fix what I wanted for myself, without the pressure of wondering who would or wouldn't like what I made.  OK, so there is really no pressure, because I am the chief cook and bottlewasher around here and if they don't like what I make, the refrigerator is always open, but I do try to be considerate of the tastes of my family.  

I've read several blog posts recently about kale chips.  Everyone here likes kale but I wasn't sure how it would taste dried into chip-like consistency.  I also read a post on marksdailyapple.com this past week about marrow bones, so today was a good day to try out both.  I had a bunch of kale in the refrigerator that needed to be used and I have many lovely soup bones from our side of grass-fed beef in the freezer, so I fired up the dehydrator and grabbed a large bone and got cooking.

Kale chips are easy!  I washed the bunch well to remove the inevitable sand.  Then, I just stripped off the heavy stems, placed the leaves in a bowl, sprinkled with some olive oil and Bragg's vinegar (just enough to barely coat) and sprinkled with salt. (I think some pepper would be good, too).  I mixed these well, placed the kale leaves in the dehydrator, and plugged it in.  It took about 2 hours to dry - very quick for a dehydrator. I couldn't believe how good these were!  They are like potato chips - salty and savory.   The kale taste is sweeter than the cooked vegetable, they stay bright green, and the dried leaves shatter in your mouth into tiny crunchy pieces.  I think I ate half the bunch right away.  I placed the rest in a plastic baggie for lunches later this week.  Here they are (yes, this is after drying):
Next on the agenda was a good beef soup made from the marrow bone.  The recipe is on the recipe page (4/17/10).  The secret to the soup is to let the marrow soup bone simmer slowly in a broth made with celery, onion, garlic, and herbs until the meat falls off the bone and the marrow melts into the soup.  The soup becomes almost creamy and tastes superb.  You can add what vegetables you choose.  I just retained a few of the carrots and onions, pulled the meat off the bone, added a little salt, and stirred it all together.  You know the sign of a good soup?  When the dog won't sit still all day because he smells the beefy goodness coming from the pot and knows that eventually he will get some of the scraps.  Dog heaven.

Right after this picture, I picked the bowl up and knocked half of it onto the table.  The Netflix envelope got a little taste.  Sorry, Netflix people.


  1. I love Kale Chips! We always make them! The family really likes to eat them.

  2. We love Kale chips! and I like your rendition of bone marrow soup! Excellent. Getting hungry. Thanks!