July 08, 2010

Hot Day Salmon Hash

Ewww!  Is she kidding?  Salmon hash?  It was a hot day once again in the Mid-Atlantic with temps close to 100 degrees for the fourth day.  Needless to say, this is not the time for slow-cooked short ribs or heavy sauces.  I'm hanging around by myself for a few days while various family members are off on adventures, so I have been subsisting on lettuce with various pieces of meat, and dressings.  (Sour cream makes a great dressing by the way, and Daisy Sour Cream has one ingredient:  cream).  If you do dairy, it's a good choice.  Full fat, of course.

After a couple of days of that, I wanted something hot but easy to make, preferably with minimal washing up afterwards.  As usual, some of the best recipes come from seeing what's on hand and making do.  Tonight, I had a can of wild salmon, a small light purple eggplant, and some spices.  Why not?  Here's the result:
Served on the fanciest of paper plates.  Just me and the dog around, so who cares?  He got a little in his bowl - I couldn't stand the staring.  And, it was delicious.  The trick is to let it get crusty on one side.  Oh my!  The recipe is on the recipe page.  It tastes a lot like corned beef hash, but is probably a little bit better for you.


  1. This actually doesn't sound too bad! I love crispy fish. Do you think it'd be nice with coconut oil?

  2. Definitely - that is what I used :)