September 14, 2010

How About a Bit of Halibut?

Sorry for the pun, just couldn't resist.  I went to Wegman's on Sunday. One thing Wegman's does really well is fresh fish.  They had whole fish laying on ice with the clearest eyes I've ever seen in fish not on the end of a hook.  They were making filets from wild caught halibut and I decided to drop the $20 to buy a pound.  It was beautiful. No fishy smell and a wonderful slight pink-white flesh that literally shouted fresh.  On Monday, I unwrapped this package of goodness for dinner. I had also bought some fresh salad greens and baby spinach at a local farmer's market, so I decided to try out the Primal Blueprint Cookbook's Cream of Greens Soup.  While the soup did its final simmer, I fried the fish in goat butter.  When it was finished, I made a lemon butter sauce from the browned bits left in the pan. Delicious!  Want some pics?  The recipes are on the recipe page!

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