September 23, 2010

Summer's Not Over Yet! Grilled Shrimp, Peaches, and Bok Choy

SImple and easy!  On the last day of summer, I decided to give the grill a go.  Not that it won't be used again during the autumn and winter, but I wanted one last summer meal fresh from the grill.  I marinated shrimp on skewers three different ways - salsa, pesto, and wasabi mayonnaise.  The bok choy was sliced in half and drizzled with olive oil, salt and pepper.  The last of the summer peaches were cut in half and grilled au natural.  Easy.  First pic - grill in progress:
Next - the finished project:
The wasabi shrimp won hands down.  And for a final taste of summer - the impatiens giving it their boisterous all before the first frosts hit:

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