September 29, 2010

Vegetable Ragu Soup with Cheese

Some of my recipes are born of necessity.  I had two zucchini, five tomatoes, a couple cloves of garlic, and an eggplant pining away on the kitchen counter, wondering when I was going to use them.  In the refrigerator, I had celery, a small roll of peppered goat cheese and some balls of mozzarella wondering the same thing.  And on the shelf, I had a jar of roasted peppers bought off the bargain counter at the grocery store, with an expiration date fast approaching.  

I have been reading Robb Wolf's The Paleo Solution this week and have been following the recommended 30-day menu plan.  I haven't followed it 100%, since my time and available food hasn't always allowed, but when I have made substitutions, they are paleo/primal choices.  For Wednesday, he recommended pork loin, tomato sauce, zucchini, chopped cauliflower, and basil, cooked long and slow in the crock pot.  It just happened that I had made roast pork loin on Sunday and had half of the loin left.  I had ingredients close to the original recipe.  My husband hates cauliflower, but I had some nice white sweet potatoes, so...vegetable ragu soup with cheese was born!  It was actually very good - cheesy, warm, nice mix of flavors.  The recipe is on the recipe page.  If you want to go completely primal (I eat some dairy), then you could substitute coconut milk and get a slightly different but just as tasty dish.
And just because I think it was cool and appropriate to the changeover to Fall, here is a picture of the Great Pumpkin at my local farm market - 734 lbs!


  1. I noted on Dr. Eades site that you are a high school teacher. We are putting together a college level general education health course and would be interested in any input you might be willing to give us. I was especially interested in your ability to teach opposing views side by side.

  2. I've sent you an email. Hope I can help!