October 25, 2010

BokChoy, Cabbage, and Apple Hash (and Cornbread - gasp)

The leaves are finally turning here in southern Pennsylvania, yet the temperatures have been hovering in the 70s this week. It's an odd combination of Fall edging in and Summer not quite willing to let go.  But my food tastes are making the transition as well and this dish is a wonderful combination of summer and fall.  I had half of a head of purple cabbage needing a dish, some bright green bok choy, and apples from the local orchard.  I chopped the cabbage into strips, chopped the apples into chunks, and sliced the bok choy. The result?  Here's a picture of the dish just started.
Add a few spices (cinnamon and fennel seeds) and you are good to go!  My local store is now serving rotisserie turkey breast so I chanced the horrors of non-pastured turkey (look, most of my meat - beef, chicken, pork - is grass-fed or pastured, so the occasional foray into the non-pastured area is rare).   I also made some jalapeno cornbread from coconut flour and some masa corn flour and some raw buttermilk. Not totally primal, but since my grain consumption is nearly nil, again, a tiny splurge was worth it.  Probably equivalent to the occasional corn tortilla and at least it was masa, which is limed. The limewater adds calcium and releases niacin from the corn which hopefully, mitigates some of the grain toxins.

Both recipes and final pictures are on the recipe page!

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