October 06, 2010

Happy Pig Sausage and Peppers

Sometimes the tastiest dishes are the simplest.  We picked up our "happy pig" pork from the butcher this week.  A local farmer raises pigs and cattle the way they are supposed to be raised.  We have been buying our split-sides of grass-fed beef from him for several years now.  It is always delicious.  I found out that he also raises pastured pork and we bought a whole pig and split it with some friends. They had just watched Food, Inc. and wanted to know if it was a "happy pig."  Most decidedly so.    

I decided to try out the italian sausage first.  It is made of pork, sage, pepper, and salt.  That's it.  Boil about a 3/4 of an inch of water in a frying pan.  Place the sausage in the water and let the water boil off.  As it boils, some of the fat in the sausage will melt into the pan and the sausage will begin to fry. Cut up several peppers (I used red peppers from my garden) and onions and let them fry gently in the lard from the sausage:
As the sausage browns, the peppers and onions begin to caramelize.  Let them. Those crunchy brown bits are better than dessert!  While the sausage is simmering, steam some greens.  I steamed kale and beet greens together.  Top those with butter.  Result:
I had two helpings.  Happy pig indeed.

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