November 17, 2010

Breakfast for Dinner

Sometimes you just don't feel like cooking a huge complicated meal for dinner.  I like to cook, but there are times when I want to eat quickly without much fuss.  And, I like breakfast.  Here in rural Pennsylvania, there are several family restaurants that fill up each morning with oldtimers who meet there to have full breakfasts and chew the fat.  For under $5, you can get two eggs, several pieces of bacon, ham, or sausage, homefried or hash brown potatoes, coffee, and toast (if you are not paleo/primal) and a touch of old time ambience thrown in.  When my daughter is home from grad school, she and I go out for breakfast to one of these places with names like the Taylor Haus, the Mason-Dixon, and the New Freedom Family Restaurant.  A typical order for me is "number 3, no toast, over medium, crispy bacon." I usually go ahead and get the potatoes since it is a infrequent thing.  It's good, it's fast, it's nostalgic.  For many years before my father died, my daughter and I spend most Sunday mornings meeting him at one of these spots and enjoying breakfast which was his favorite meal as well.

But breakfast doesn't have to be a morning affair.  I like to cook breakfast for dinner sometimes as well.  Tonight, I am having a frittata with some herbed goat cheese and some leftover vegetables.  A side of bacon (from my pastured happy pig purchase) completes the experience.  A hot cup of Earl Grey tea on the side.  I'll forego the potatoes - who needs 'em?   No recipes necessary - pop the bacon in the oven for less mess, whisk some eggs with a tiny bit of water, heat some lard, gently cook the eggs, add some cheese and whatever leftover veggies suit you. Pop it in the oven with the bacon. That's the ticket.  Enjoy.

Pile o'bacon and frittata.


  1. I made breakfast for dinner probably once a week. Just some eggs, veggies, cheese, and bacon or chicken sausage and that's it. Takes only about 15 minutes! Once in a while I add potatoes. All day I have been planning to make omelettes for dinner tonight.

  2. that looks so goooood!

    *touches self