November 25, 2010


Following the 80/20 (maybe 60/40) rule via Mark Sisson's Primal Blueprint for this one.  I'll have to post pictures of leftovers later because I didn't take any of the initial feast.  Too busy cooking then eating...

Pasture-raised fresh turkey
Brussel sprouts with bacon (from happy pig)
Sauerkraut (a Baltimore area classic side dish for T-Day)
Butternut squash, mashed with butter
Mashed potatoes and cauliflower casserole with parmesan cheese
Turkey gravy (made with arrowroot)
Stuffing made with gluten-free Udi's GF bread 
Pumpkin pie (almond flour crust)
Cranberry sauce (the canned kind - we like it)
Caroline's Thanksgiving drink - cranberry juice, cider, and Cava

Plenty of leftovers for primal feasting.  The Cava, stuffing, and gravy is gone.  The trick is to not make too much stuffing and other non-primal foods so that this becomes a one-time deal.  Happy T-day!

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