December 21, 2010

Festivus and Primal Chili

Our science department of 14 teachers likes to celebrate our Christmas break with a little Feast for Festivus.  Everyone brings a dish and gluttony ensues.  The only problem is that about half of us eat a mixture of gluten-free, paleo, and low carb, while the other half pretty much survives on subs, pizza, sugar, stuff in cans or frozen boxes, and coffee.  But we manage to put together a decent feast that meets all needs.  A few years ago, this was a full week of gluttony, but we have pared it down to one day to avoid gaining 5 lbs before Christmas break.  The menu tomorrow:
 Chili - from yours truly - pic below (all grass-fed beef, no beans)
 Taco Dip (I smell a tex-mex theme developing)
 Gluten-free dessert
 Non-gluten free pie
 Veggies and dip
 A breakfast egg casserole (gluten and mostly carb-free)
 Juice and soda (I'm going for water myself)
 A green bean casserole (not exactly tex-mex but it is a tradition from Russ - luckily it contains gluten so I will not be partaking)
 Spanish rice
Not too shabby and it will fit the needs of just about everyone in some way or another.  The trick will be to separate the gluten-free from the gluten stuff, so we don't contaminate the GF food.  Some people just don't get that part.  The trick is to get the GF stuff early before the knife used to cut the pie is used to cut the GF dessert.  Sigh.  I'll be having my chili, some guac if it's safe, some veggies, some egg casserole, and maybe a piece of GF dessert.  It is Festivus after all.
The recipe for the chili is ridiculously easy.  Chop and lightly fry some onions, peppers (hot and/or mild), and garlic in butter, lard, or olive oil.  Add ground beef and brown lightly.  Add chili powder to taste.  Add some cilantro if you want.  Stir in canned crushed tomatoes (unless it is summer, then use fresh). Salt to taste, add more chile powder or hot peppers if you like it more spicy.  Cook until bubbly and slightly thickened.  If you eat dairy, grate some cheese on top or add some sour cream.  That's it.  It will taste even better tomorrow.


  1. Soon as we're back home from the holidays that's going on the dinner menu. It looks like it tastes amazing. Well done.

  2. Laurie, yummmy, I will give your chili a try. Fantastic. Merry Christmas! J

  3. Thanks and enjoy! Merry Christmas to you and yours as well!