December 05, 2010

Spicy Cauliflower Soup for a Blustery Day

Yup, December has arrived.  It's the type of cold, blustery day that promises occasional squalls of snow flurries.  The wind finds every little opening in your clothes.  It makes the dog very happy to get back inside after a run through the yard.  In the last post, I spoke of the bundle of fresh vegetables from Everyday Local.  Fresh vegetables are wonderful, but you do have to use them fairly quickly or freeze them before they start to turn.  In the bundle, I got a very lovely head of creamy white cauliflower. The only problem is that I am the only one in my household who likes cauliflower.  I do hide it occasionally in things like mashed potatoes but unless it is disguised, no one else will eat it but me.  Even though I love the stuff, I cannot handle an entire head of it by myself.

I started my recipe search for broccoli soup, since I have an equally beautiful head of broccoli to use.  However, as I was searching through Alice Water's The Art of Simple Food cookbook, I spotted a recipe for Spicy Cauliflower Soup.  As usual, I changed things up a bit, but the result was a delicious, creamy, spicy soup. My husband didn't see it cooking.  When it was finished and well-blended, he came in from the blustery day for lunch.  
"What kind of soup is this?" he asks.  
"Try it and see" I say.  
He takes a spoonful.  "Hmmm, pumpkin?" 
"Nope, cauliflower."  
He looks at me with surprise and a harrumph and proceeds to eat an entire bowl.  Success!  It really is good and tastes a bit like pumpkin without the sweetness or potato without the starchiness.  Now to find a recipe for broccoli.  Recipe is on the recipe page!


  1. the soup looks and sound delicious, especially in this weather! I really like your "Primal Facts" page.

  2. Thanks! I hope you try it - I think you will like it.