January 04, 2011

Roast Beast au Vin

Yesterday was the first day of the January 30-day challenge (a la Hunter-Gatherer - see sidebar).  I made roast beef from my grassfed stash in the freezer, with roasted carrots, onions, and garlic alongside, and topped with homemade guacamole.  Quite tasty.  We had about half of the roast left, so I took some for lunch today and used up the rest tonight.  Before our Christmas break, a friend at school gave me a nice bottle of red wine.  I also had a nice batch of porcini mushrooms from Everyday Local in the freezer (I put them there knowing I would not use them before they got mushy - they would be better fresh, but did just fine in this dish).  I also had frozen some broccoli from a previous purchase at EL, so I got a package of that out as well.
     I thawed the mushrooms part way, gave them a once over to remove debris, sliced them, and simmered them slowly in about two tablespoons of butter.  Butter fits fine in my primal world.  I don't eat much other dairy (goat cheeses, some raw milk cheeses) but butter is a necessity and doesn't seem to cause any problems for me at least.  When the mushrooms had simmered a bit, I added the beef, cut into chunks, then added some thyme and marjoram, and salt and pepper.  I opened the bottle of wine and chugged some into the pan and let the whole thing simmer for a while until the sauce reduced.  The meat and mushrooms turned deep and dark and glistened in the reduction.
     I steamed the broccoli quickly, but probably overdid it a bit, but it was still quite tasty and offered a nice clean foil for the winey beef.  Unless my husband finishes off the rest, there should be enough for leftovers tomorrow.  And there was certainly enough wine leftover for a glass tonight.  Cheers!  
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  1. Making me hungry. Great idea for leftover wine (if you ever have any).