January 20, 2011

Something Old, Something New

For some reason last week, I was in a mood to try new things and expand on some old favorites.   

First, the old:
1.  I made my usual frittata which is so simple.  Heat some butter in a good skillet or omelet pan, beat up some eggs, and add whatever you want on top.  Fry gently until the bottom is solid, then place under the broiler to finish off the top.  For this frittata, I added some nitrate-free salami, some fresh goat cheese, and then sprinkled pine nuts on top. The pine nuts were the new part and they really made the dish!  
2.  Meatloaf!  Sometimes you just want one of those comfort foods like meatloaf.  I haven’t figured out yet why some people think you need to add a grain to meatloaf.  Some add bread crumbs or oatmeal.  Neither are needed. I just add an egg to the mixture and whatever flavorings strike my mood.  This time I added some fermented ginger shredded carrots, some chopped jalapenos, and the egg to 2 lbs of ground grass-fed beef.  On top, I poured some chunky salsa.  Bake that in the oven until the inside is done and you have meatloaf all week for dinner, lunches, and/or snacks.  
Next, the new:
I have never made duck before but I have enjoyed it every time I have eaten it in a restaurant.   I bought a duck breast at Wegman’s this week.  I found a great recipe on the web for slow-cooked duck breast which produces a perfectly cooked piece of duck - it really does!   Here’s the link to the recipe.  Slow-cooked duck breast   Follow it exactly and your duck will turn out perfectly medium rare, tender, and so delicious.  When the duck was finishing in the oven, I sliced up some sweet potatoes and threw them in with the duck. If you have never had sweet potato fries in duck fat, you are in for a wonderful surprise!  Then I put a little of the fat in a frying pan and stir-fried some snow peas quickly.  Here’s the result:
Not a bad week, all in all.  To top off the week, my husband and I went to John J. Jeffries restaurant in Lancaster, PA for my birthday. John J. Jeffries restaurant   They specialize in local, sustainable, properly-raised foods and they have a great chef who comes up with some delicious combinations.  I had the duck there as well (twice in one week!).  The drinks are quite tasty as well.   Life is good.  

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