February 03, 2011

If wishes were nickels...

...I'd be rich.  Who doesn't spend some time wishing?  On one hand, they can be the impetus to pursue bigger and better things.  On the other, they can allow you to wallow in regret.  I prefer to work on the the former.  There isn't much point in wasting time wondering what you could have done.  We can't go back, so just move forward and try to do better.   That said, here is a list of wishes:

  1. I wish I knew at age 20 what I now know at age 52 about food.  Years of migraines, aches and pains, weight gain, and who knows what else because I believed what medical professionals and a government influenced by Big Ag, Big Pharm, and Big Oil told me.
  2. I wish I had known at age 29 what I know now about food, so I could have fed my daughter better.  I didn't do too badly - she ate better than most and has a much more adventurous taste than most of her friends when it comes to food.
  3. I wish I could easily transfer my knowledge of what is healthy to others instantly ( kind of like a Vulcan mind meld) because trying to explain why paleo/primal is better over and over again is a lesson in frustration.  It took me three years to figure this out after reading, studying, researching.  I can't explain what I do and how it has made me healthier in ten minutes to someone else.
  4. I wish I would follow paleo/primal eating better than I do.  I NEVER eat gluten, rarely eat legumes, and hardly ever eat processed food and that is half the battle, but there are a lot of things I could do better.
  5. I wish I wasn't so damned addicted to sugar.
  6. I wish I was better at motivating myself to exercise.
So, no sense in wallowing.  Which wishes can I make come true?  

  • #1- I can't go back to age 20, but thankfully I do know now what I can and should eat.  Migraines have diminished to the point of just minor annoyances once every few months, I hardly ever get colds, my joints are pain-free, and I have lost some weight.  So I look forward to even better health in my future and hope that the damage I did for so long can be mostly undone.
  • #2 - My daughter is healthy and has a great palate.  She doesn't eat gluten at all.  She loves vegetables and good meats.  So, I think I did pretty well.  The upshot is that she, at age 22, already knows what is good to eat, so she will be way ahead of me for the rest of her life.
  • #3 - This blog is my attempt at spreading the news and good recipes about paleo/primal eating.  It's a small thing, but just maybe it helps a bit.  I will keep explaining, answering questions, lending books in the hopes that it helps someone else, like it helped me.
  • #4 - Just do it and stop whining about it.  If I slip and eat a gluten-free piece of apple pie, so what?  Life goes on and I still eat far better now than I did before.
  • #5 - Actually, I have cut back on sugar a lot.  I now drink black coffee and sometimes tea.  Most of my sweet intake is in the form of dark chocolate.  Do I want total deprivation? Or is that just an excuse to keep eating sugar?  Got to think on that a bit.
  • #6 - I hope to start strength training at a gym that just opened in a home garage literally less than 2 miles from my house.  I have 15 acres of land to prowl around on.  I have no excuses, except my total hate of cold weather.  I have ponies and a horse and a dog that need to move too.  Time to stop wishing and get moving.
So, no more wishing.  Time to put words into action.  I'm going to work on the wishes that I can make into reality.  How about you?

Here's a picture of what my daughter made for dinner for us one night this week.  I think I did a good job with her after all.  Salmon with a thai chili sauce, carrot fries, and yogurt and green pepper sauce.  Wishes do come true. ;)


  1. that looks delicious. are the carrot fries just baked?

  2. Yup, you have to watch them closely though because the sugar in them will cause them to burn quickly. You want to catch them just as they caramelize. I think she added a bit of olive oil or maybe coconut oil as well?