February 22, 2011

If you are orthodox paleo, don't read this...

Tonight I made pizza.  The kind with a crust.  Chewy inside, crunchy on the edges, hot melted raw milk mozzarella cheese, tomato sauce, good salami, and crispy fresh basil leaves.  It was a rare treat and it was good. I eat totally gluten-free so the crust was gluten-free.  It was also grain-free and it came from a package (gasp!).  It was Chebe brand, made from tapioca.  I added romano cheese, 2 eggs, some olive oil, and some raw goat milk.  I hand-pressed it onto my pizza stone, and added the sauce, mozzarella, salami, fresh basil.  If you are counting, the Chebe mix is 17 g of carbs per serving (makes 10 slices of pizza).  I ate two slices so no doubt I went over the limit of what some people think is paleo, but I've never been orthodox about anything and I certainly don't live the life of a deprived paleo monk.  Paleo/primal is not a religion.  

I think the tapioca is a mostly glucose-based starch.  Did I die?  No.  Did I even feel bad?  No.  In fact, it was satisfying and delicious.  Living an otherwise paleo/primal life allows some leeway from time to time.  It's like finding a honeybee hive or a ripe mango tree if you were a paleolithic human hunting and gathering.  You know they wouldn't pass that up.  Would you pass this up?


  1. Oh, man, that is so delicious-looking! I might have to investigate as my poor husband might stage a revolt if he never gets any kind of pizza again. If being nonorthodox sometimes means I can keep my family on board, then it's worthwhile.

  2. I buy the Chebe mix at Wegman's. It is very good and is based on recipes for Brazilian cheese bread. No grain - all tapioca. I think it is available on Amazon as well. I think it is fine for an occasional treat.

  3. We used the Chebe breadstick mix because they didn't have the pizza crust where I was at; oh my goodness, it was all I wanted in a pizza. I eat Paleo and am pretty strict, but this was pretty guilt-free. I omitted the cheese in the dough as well, topped w/ a little fresh mozz, some uncured nitrate/nitrite free pepperoni, and it was for real good. (OH...used a great paleo tomato marinara sauce, too) Chewy. Crunchy. No bloat. No weight gain. My boyfriend and I ate two huge pieces and felt great. No food hangover, no tiredness. The next day, we ate the leftovers cold...and they were even better! I can't believe I finally found a Paleo-ish pizza that doesn't taste like dirt. lol. I've tried three other recipes that called for either coconut flour or almond meal. Horrible and tasteless and the texture was nowhere near pizza. This really came about 90% close to real pizza. :) Delicious.