April 14, 2011

Food for a Primal Smackdown

OK, this should be fun.  Richard Nikoley of Free the Animal debates Durian Rider (infamous trolling raw fruit vegan).  Check for the link to the show on his post - 9pm EST tonight:  Nikoley-Durian Debate

For those who don't follow Richard at Free the Animal (see the blog link on the sidebar), he does not mince words and does not suffer fools easily.  Durian Rider (a.k.a. Harley something or other) is a crazed raw fruit vegan who runs a site called... never mind, I won't give him the satisfaction of posting his link here, but let's just say he promotes eating a lot, a whole lot, of bananas, and specializes in eating the stinky durian fruit, hence his nickname.  He looks sickly thin, almost anorexic, and obviously his eating disorder has affected his mind. He claims folks like Robb Wolf and Richard Nikoley are "fatsos."  Yeah, ok, uh huh.  The debate should be fun - I hope the link/feed works well tonight!

In celebration of the Primal Smackdown, I made a very tasty primal egg casserole.  Here it is - honestly the picture doesn't do it justice.  I'll put the recipe on the recipe page.  I had two large pieces and didn't need to eat 30 bananas to fill me up.  
For another primal tease, try these primal mushroom pizzas:
Take a portabella cap (I scrape out the gills, but that is not necessary).  Line the inside with tomato sauce, cover with some meat, a few greens (mixed baby greens in this case), cover with a slice of provolone, pop into the oven.  Unbelievable!


  1. It looks delicious!
    Unfortunately I missed the debate so I have to listen to the recorded version. I enjoy Free The Animal blog..I've been browsing through your blog and you have many delicious recipes..Have a good weekend.