April 07, 2011

Simple Supper

     My mother always called dinner "supper."  She was raised for a good part of her childhood by grandparents that were as southern as southern comes and supper was the name for their evening meal.  She often told the story of how her Methodist grandfather, who was the spitting image of Colonel Sanders, would often extend the thanks giving for quite a spell, until her grandmother would give him a swift kick under the table to shorten the sermon.  No wonder my mother was not fond of religion.

    I still use dinner and supper interchangeably.  Somehow certain meals seem more like dinner and others like supper.  Supper meals seem simpler to me.  They are always homecooked with fresh ingredients.  They might be a "breakfast for supper" or a light meal like the one I made earlier this week:
This is just some fresh baby greens piled on top of leaves of Boston lettuce (both from Everyday Local) and topped with some warm chicken breast meat, salt and pepper, and a drizzle of olive oil.  I had about four of those "sandwiches."  That's what I call supper.

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  1. I'm Southern and we go out to dinner but we we have supper at home.