May 04, 2011

Gonna Start Again in the Month of May

The title of this post is from Arcade Fire's Month of May lyrics.  Love that song and I love their music - all of it.  Anyway, this post is really about rediscovering paleo/primal eating in the month of May.  It's easy to slip slowly from 80/20 eating to 70/30 to 60/40 to 50/ get the picture.  I was eating way too many gluten-free substitutes and too many sugary foods. Time to break the pattern.  So I began 31 Days of Primality.  You'll find a new page called that in my headings at the top of this blog.  

For the four days of May so far, I have stayed on track. Day 1 was easy - it always is.  Day 2 - I felt a little draggy and headachy.  Day 3 - some pretty intense chocolate cravings.  Day 4 - the energy is kicking in!  

I bought two new cookbooks this month:  Mark Sisson's Primal Blueprint Quick and Easy Meals and Sarah Fragoso's Everyday Paleo.  Both contain absolutely wonderful easy recipes.  I plan on making at least one recipe per day from one of those or several other paleo cookbooks I have accumulated.  I haven't hit a dud yet.   Tonight, after coming home from a trip to Lancaster, PA to pick up my weekly "bundle" from Everyday Local (CSA) and a visit to Expressly Local (an amazing little store in Lancaster City with local, organic, sustainable foods of all kinds), my daughter and I made two more recipes from Fragoso's book.  Again, amazing.  The picture below tells the tale of Shrimp Tacos, Kids Love Cabbage Slaw, and my daughter's guacamole:

Buy this is good, really good.  As a bonus, you also get a nice illustrated exercise plan, doable for those of us who do not live in gyms, a weekly menu plan and shopping list for a full month, and a beautifully illustrated cookbook with delicious recipes.
To give credit where credit is due, you also cannot go wrong with any cookbook by Mark Sisson.  I've never cooked a recipe from his books I didn't like.  So no more excuses - I've started again in the month of May.  Take a look at my 31 Days of Primality page to see my progress.

And thanks to Primal Toad, Food Renegade, and Modern Paleo for providing links to this spot.  See the sidebar?  They are all listed there!

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