May 15, 2011

Porch Pictures

I love my porches.  I have a smallish front porch, just wide enough for a porch swing, a couple of rockers, some benches and plants.  It is shady most of the day until late afternoon. On a cool spring day, you can bask in the late afternoon sun.  In the summer, that porch is for morning coffee or late evening relaxing with a cool drink.  My great-grandmother's milk-paint bench resides on that porch along with the swing from the 1920s rescued from my parents' barn.  One rocker comes from a yard sale and one from my dad's house after his passing.  The deck is painted light gray, the ceiling a light sage green, and the columns white in the tradition of almost all the porches in the mid-Atlantic area.  It is a porch of nostalgia and calm.
The back porch is really a patio.  The real back porch was converted to an entry room long ago by the previous owners.  We've been here 25 years now. We had the patio built a few years ago to cover a spot that gets very little sun and thus was perpetually muddy most of the year.  We had the pavers "tumbled" so they looked a bit older to match our 1840s house. It is the coolest spot in the summer, under the shade of a huge maple.  My four cats lounge there almost all day, looking rather annoyed if you chase them off a chair to sit.  We have our backyard barbeque meals there and it is the spot to sit down for a spell after working in the garden. I planted a little herb garden there in a pot for quick clippings during the preparation of dinner.  I also tend to buy annuals for this area as it is too dry and shady for most plants.  The one thing lucky about the weather this year (the only thing) is that it has consistently rained, so I don't have to drag the hose out to water the potted plants.  My indoor plants come out from winter hibernation to this place as well and they thrive in the fresh air and filtered sunlight.  The dog (13 years old!) thinks it is a good spot too to watch the goings-on of the neighborhood, though he prefers the couch.
And finally, the view from my back porch...I love my porches.


  1. Thanks - now if it would just stop raining so we can enjoy it!