May 25, 2011

Primal Grill

Pictures tell the tale of the primal grill this evening.  Finally, finally, we have temperatures above 75 with a light warm breeze, that yellow thing called the sun, and NO RAIN.  Perfect grilling weather.  A quick trip to the local farmer's market bagged some hoophouse locally grown tomatoes, green onions, and some ripe red fresh local strawberries.  The Amish man I bought the berries from told me he picked them this morning.  The Amish can be slick salesmen, but I believe him - these were good.  I already had Boston lettuce from Lancaster, PA and some organic carrots, and even some Israeli olive oil (delicious!).  Two grassfed steaks from my freezer, a ripe avocado, a sweet white onion, and my own parsley and chive flowers completed the meal.  See below.  'Nuff said.

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