June 22, 2011

Are Raspberries Primal?

     We have black raspberries coming in by the gallon, literally.  My daughter, now 23, has always been my raspberry picker.   For some reason, since she was a wee child, she has found a bit of zen following the hedge rows where the wild raspberries grow and filling up quart after quart container of the sweet black beauties.  This year has been an absolute banner year for the berries.  I have at least 2 gallons of black raspberries that she has picked so far this year in the freezer waiting for a cooler time when I can make seedless raspberry jam and syrup for primal pancakes this winter.  We always set a pint or so aside for salads and snacking.  They are fragile, lasting only a day, and turning to mold if not eaten quickly.  
     My raspberry picker will be off to grad school soon but by that time the berries will be done for the season and the next local fruit will be on the table - perhaps cherries or blueberries, then peaches.  You cannot tell me that primal man did not indulge in fruit when it was in season.  But the fact that the season of each fruit is so fleeting prevents too much indulgence, so enjoy them while you can.

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