June 07, 2011

My Food Pyramid (uh, Plate)

The USDA came out this week with their usual nonsensical recommendations for a healthy diet.  Since this is the same organization, along with our illustrious FDA, that oversees what we feed our kids in schools, let's just say my faith in either of those government entities is nil.  This is what a typical school meal looks like (I know, I taught high school for 23+ years):

Brown, brown, and more brown.  Doesn't that look yummy?  Top that off with the HFCS powerade drink and you have a recipe for disaster when it comes to post-lunch classes. 

This was my dinner tonight and what I recommend as a good sample of what a food plate should look like:
Fresh, local, chemical-free spinach, two local free-range eggs (look at those yolks!), nitrate-free bacon, an avocado, and water from my deep well.  Sprinkle some salt and pepper and drizzle some olive oil on that salad and baby, you have a real meal:  meat, veggies, good fats.

I wonder how our kids would perform at school if they were given this option for lunch instead of the Big Ag subsidized crap that we feed them?


  1. I agree - I don't trust the USDA/FDA a bit! It's sad to see that the above school lunch passes as "food" for our kids. No wonder this country is so unhealthy - what do we expect, if we're feeding them chocolate chip cookies (not homemade and probably loaded with chemicals!), and greasy Tater Tots? I'm so glad that I'm finally feeding myself and my family right while my son is still a toddler, and I'm looking forward to sending him to school with delicious, colorful, homemade, meat-and-veggie-filled lunches! Thanks for sharing!

  2. I see these trays of brown and yellow foods every day in the hands of the high schoolers I teach. Even worse is that much of the food is government subsidized cheese, meat, potato products, etc - same stuff we feed our prisoners.

  3. Excellent point Laurie, and a very good looking salad!

  4. Where do you buy nitrate free bacon? I've checked every grocery store in my area and all the local health foods store and all their bacon has sodium nitrate in it. By the way that school lunch is both depressing and disgusting.

  5. I am lucky in that I live in PA and am surrounded by lots of local pastured pork producers. I buy my pork directly from the farmer that pasture raises them. The butcher makes the bacon for us. My local store also carries nitrate-free bacon. Here is a link to pork producers though and I think it lists them state by state. http://porkkeez.com/ne/pork-PA.aspx