July 28, 2011

Paleo Vacation?

Hmmm, maybe not so much.  As I've said before, gluten is never an option for me and at this point, foods that contain gluten don't even tempt me anymore.  But staying paleo on vacation can be a challenge.  What have we eaten this week that is paleo?

  • eggs
  • bacon
  • sausage
  • turkey
  • roast chicken with caramelized onions
  • some fruit  - peaches, apples, oranges
  • fish - grouper, salmon, crab, lobster
  • butter, heavy cream, cheese (obviously, we eat some dairy)
  • sweet potato mash
  • broccoli slaw
  • salad greens
  • tomatoes
  • cold peach soup
  • coffee
  • water and sparkling water
What about non-paleo? Ahem...

  • some alcohol but only GF and no sugary drinks
  • a delicious GF peach pie slice and GF cheesecake slice shared between the three of us
  • a few GF cookies 
  • corn tortilla chips with salsa and guacamole at a local favorite Mexican place
  • the best locally made fudge  - a once a year treat since we can only buy it here
  • yogurt ice cream - my biggest mistake since I felt like crap afterwards
  • GF Udi's bread
That's about it.  Not really so bad.  Undoubtably, my paleo list differs from what some folks would consider paleo, but that is the beauty of the paleosphere.  I will not treat this as a religion - there are enough rules imposed on us in all aspects of life.  There is occasional room for some of the non-paleo in my life and I save it for the better foods when I can get them.       
I try to avoid the worst neolithic agents of disease as much as possible and I think that allows for just a little room in my paleo plate once in a while.  As with my foray into yogurt-land, I can tell quickly if something is not going to fit into my paleo scenario so it is becoming easier to stay on the paleo track.  It took me about two years to really get into the gluten-free groove.  This is the end of my first year eating primally, so I figure by next year, I ought to have it down pat.  Enjoy life!

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