August 11, 2011

Paleo Podcasts

I have a 25 mile (one-way) commute to and from work.  Sometimes I like to drive in silence and enjoy the quiet and release from the connection to the rest of the world.  Sometimes I crank up the music from the radio (WXPN from UPenn in Philly is awesome) or from my iPhone selections.  Most of the time, however, I listen to podcasts from several paleo/primal blog posters to pass the commute time.  Here's my review on some of my favorites:

The Livin' La Vida Low Carb Show (by Jimmy Moore) - Jimmy always brings enthusiasm to every project and his show is no exception.  He is a prolific podcaster and somehow manages to book just about every paleo/primal personality on the planet.  Everyone from primal guru Mark Sisson to paleo-antagonist fruitarian Durianrider to the top researchers in the field have been interviewed by Jimmy.  Jimmy's southern accent and charm often disguise the tough questions he asks and usually he is not afraid to push a point if the interviewee evades the question, though he has occasionally softballed an interview.  He doesn't exclusively cover paleo/primal information because, as evidenced by his show's title, he started as a low-carb blogger.  Jimmy's podcast is one of my favorites.  Be sure to check out the interview with Dr. Seyfried from Boston on cancer treatment.  It's an eye-opener.

The Paleo Solution (by Robb Wolf).  Robb uses a different format than Jimmy Moore.  He pairs up with Greg Everett (of Catalyst Athletics) to create a question and answer format using questions from followers of Wolf's blog and facebook pages.  The original question part of the interview used to be performed by Andy Deas.  I actually preferred Andy's style (and was often amused by his butchering of scientific terminology).  Everett brings a more serious side to the podcast and will often contribute his own thoughts to Wolf's answers.  This is the podcast to go to for great conversation about the science behind the paleo solution.  Wolf knows his stuff and can be funny to boot.  There haven't been a lot of new podcasts lately, but there is a huge archive of shows to listen (and re-listen) to.  I think this podcast is solely responsible for adding the word "gig" to my vocabulary, for good or bad.  Holy Cats!

BTR:  Underground Wellness (Sean Croxton).  Sean Croxton is another very prolific podcaster and often interviews people that don't show up on the other podcast lineups.    He has a congenial interview style but maybe doesn't always ask the tough questions you would like to hear.  My only complaint - the intro usually has Sean saying something like "Yo, yo, yo, you all!" at a volume that often blasts me out of my seat while I'm driving.  Other than that, his podcast is enjoyable and informative.

The Healthy Skeptic (Chris Kresser).  Chris' podcast started out a little slow with him reading some prepared notes on various topics.  That format was a bit boring but then he moved more to an interview and Q&A format that was more interesting.    His podcast list is a bit short at this point and it is hard to say if he will keep up the podcast with a new baby in the picture and a change in name from The Healthy Skeptic to on his blog.  It will be interesting to see where he takes his blog and podcast in the future.  He has a lot of information to share so I hope he keeps producing podcasts.  My only complaint is the sound picking up what sounds like a sniffling or clearing the throat sound during the podcasts which might make some people think twice about taking health advice from Chris.  I think his advice is sound though and his podcast is worth listening to, so give it a try.

Dr. John Briffa (John Briffa).  This podcast is my new favorite.  Dr. Briffa uses a Q&A format similar to Robb Wolf's.  Quite frankly, I love hearing the British accents of both participants.  Dr. Briffa's answers come across as intelligent without the smugness of some other podcasters I've listened to and he is not afraid to point out the problems with the current health/medical industry.  It's nice to get a perspective from outside the U.S. and to find that the problems we have here are duplicated there as well.  I just started to listen to Dr. Briffa's podcasts and look forward to many more.

Everyday Paleo (Sarah Fragoso and Chrissy Gower).  I love, love, love the Everyday Paleo Cookbook.  The recipes in that book are outstanding.  I am not as crazy about the podcast because it tends to focus on implementing a paleo lifestyle in families with young children and that is just not as pertinent to my life.  However, if you are a young mom who wants to find out how to get your kids to eat and live paleo, this is a great podcast for you. It is not all they focus on, but it does tend to center on that topic.  It will be interesting to see if Sarah and Chrissy branch out more in the future to other topics.  The only annoying part is the similarity of their accents (California?), so it is sometimes difficult to discern which one is doing the talking.  Give them a listen especially if you have a young family.

Those are not the only paleo/primal podcasts out there, but those are the ones I've listened to so far.  All of these podcasts are available for free on iTunes - you can't beat that.  Many of the other bloggers listed in my sidebar also do occasional videocasts and podcasts on other formats.  Happy listening!


  1. Don't forget this one:

    My favorite

  2. Latest in Paleo should be mentioned. My Low Carb Journey is pretty much paleo too.

  3. I'm a podcast-commuter as well! I've listened to all but Dr. Briffa's podcast, so thanks for pointing it out!

    Another one I frequent is Ben Greenfield Fitness. He's not Paleo per se, but seems to lean toward it and puts out some really interesting content.

  4. Thanks for the additional leads, folks! If anyone else listens to a good paleo/primal podcast, feel free to list it here. Looks like I'll be adding a few more favorites to my list!

  5. Thanks for listing my podcast among your favorites. I love doing them and learn so much from all my guests. Even the ones I "softball." LOL! Cute. I've got so many people who want to be on my show now that I'm airing two interviews per episode on Mondays and Fridays for the rest of the year. Here are a few more health podcasts to check out in addition to Hank Garner, Ben Greenfield and Angelo Coppola:

    Dr. Larry McCleary

    Dr. Lo Radio Show

    Healthy Mind Fit Body

    Primal Body Primal Mind

    Food Lover's Dish It

  6. Jimmy, you rarely softball any questions. I think it is more just me thinking "ask them this!" when I am listening and expecting you to go back in time to ask that question. :) As my mother used to say, you catch more flies with sugar. Thanks for the additions to the list - so many podcasts, so little time!

  7. Nice list. I also vote for Latest in Paleo which is one of my favourites.

    One you might have missed is

    Like Jimmy, he focuses on interviews with people in the low Carb/Paleo/Primal world.

  8. So many good suggestions! Now, if I can just find enough time in the day to listen to all of them!

  9. Didn't like the livin la vida thing. too obsessed with low carb. Not surprising. i don't buy into low carb. it can be a good thing for a certain audience but not for everyone. food quality is what is good for everyone if there was one thing across the board. yet what that means will vary from person to person.

    also, what does low carb have to do with ancestral health. why was this guy at the ancestral health symposium?? paleo is not necessarily low carb and there is no solid proof either way in any case.