September 29, 2011

Are you ready for a real food challenge?

     I came across this link on Facebook last night and thought it might be an interesting twist to the usual 30-day primal/paleo challenges:  October Unprocessed 2011. The challenge is to eat unprocessed real food for the month of October.  
     The basic guideline is:  Unprocessed food is any food that could be made by a person with reasonable skill in a home kitchen with readily available, whole-food ingredients.
     Are you ready for that challenge? Am I?  I'm going to give it a try.  I have at least ten primal/paleo cookbooks just brimming with recipes to try and a thousand more recipes in my head.  The biggest challenges are finding time in the kitchen every day and getting real food when eating out.  Do french fries cooked in peanut oil from Five Guys count?  Here is a discussion on last year's challenge about what defines real food:  Defining Unprocessed Food.  I agree with most of it with the exception of things made from grains - there is a lot of processing that goes into making that an edible product and even then, as far as I am concerned, it is mostly a toxic product.  I might make an exception for a little rice or non-GMO corn.
     I am not going to sign up on the site.  I find that having to "check-in" on these types of challenges generally makes me quit early.  I'm just going to do my best and record those instances on a spreadsheet on my computer somewhere when I eat processed junk.  Anyone else want to give it a try?

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