September 15, 2011

Meat Delivery!

     I am fortunate to live in an area of Pennsylvania where I have access to pastured pork and chicken and grassfed beef from local farmers.  I can also get raw milk and dairy products (no thanks to the FDA) and I am surrounded by several orchards and suppliers of organic vegetables to supplement what I grow in my own garden.  I have my own chickens for eggs (they are just reaching egg-laying age, but I have two older hens who produce an egg every other day) and I can supplement that supply with local pastured (really pastured) eggs.  Even more amazing is that most of this stuff is available for less than grocery store prices for regular junk.  The mixture of Pennsylvania Dutch and Scots-Irish in this area will not tolerate Whole Foods prices and so the prices remain fairly low.
     That said, I sometimes want to branch out from the beef, pork, chicken routine and I like to keep a few things in the freezer that are easy to cook in a short amount of time.  I decided to take a look at  US Wellness Meats to see what they had to offer.  I bought nitrate-free hotdogs, chicken sausage with spinach and feta, lamb osso bucco pieces, ground lamb, and 20 pounds of petburger (ground beef, heart, liver) for the new dog.  I also bought two soy-free chocolate bars as a treat.  The package arrived yesterday still frozen despite a bit of rough treatment from FedEx which cracked the styrofoam container that held the goods.
     Tonight, the dog got a portion of the petburger with his grain-free kibble and I thought he would inhale the bowl in one gulp.  I don't think he will be going back to canned food, even if it was Taste of the Wild.  For my family, I pulled out a package of the chicken spinach feta sausage.  Oh my.  There is nothing in this sausage but real ingredients - no chemicals or additives - everything was recognizable as real food.  And the taste?  Amazing!  There were six good-sized sausages in the packet.  I usually find sausage a little repellent because the stuff from the store is often gristly.  Not this sausage - perfectly ground, with lovely green sausage and melting feta, perfectly seasoned.  I will be looking forward to more of these throughout the winter to come.  I save enough on the locally supplied meats to splurge a little and these are worth the splurge!


  1. You're so lucky to have so much amazing local produce! Are the hens lots of work? You can't get fresher, better quality eggs than that!

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  3. I've kept a few hens and a rooster (or two right now) for about 20 years now. They really are not much trouble - we have a good bit of land for them to roam on. The yolks are literally bright orange and they taste so much better than store-bought eggs. I can't wait for my teenager hens to start laying!