September 07, 2011

Simple Primal Quiche

Quiche is so simple and can be made with so many combinations that I almost feel guilty posting a recipe blog post about it.  Who needs a gluten-y crust that will either get tough or stay mushy and takes too much time to make and roll out?  I made this quiche the other morning in about 10 minutes (not including baking time).  I had slices of it all week for breakfast.

Simple Primal Quiche:
Preheat oven to 400 and butter a pie dish.
-6-7 eggs (preferably pastured)
-1 cup heavy cream (you might be able to sub coconut or almond milk but no guarantees)
-Some kind of green vegetable (either frozen or fresh - steamed and well-drained - I used spinach this time)
-Some kind of meat (I used salami and cappicola ham, chopped)
- Salt and pepper to taste and a dash of cayenne pepper
- Some kind of cheese (I used an herbed raw milk goat cheddar - or you could leave it out if you don't do dairy, but it's terribly good with it)

Beat the eggs and cream together.  Chop the vegetables and meat, add to the egg mixture. Add salt and pepper and cayenne.  Pour into the buttered pie plate.  Dot the mixture with cheese pieces or shred it and sprinkle  over the top.  Bake about 30 minutes or until the very middle is still a bit wobbly. It will solidify after you remove it from the oven.  So simple!

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  1. Funny! I made two quiches Monday night too... Do you find it sticks to the pan since you don't use a crust?

  2. Not a bit. I butter the glass pan well. And it cleans right up afterward. I think metal pans are a bit more difficult though.

  3. I'm going to try this one! My mornings are hectic and cooking up bacon/eggs/veggies all separately takes too much time. This seems like a no fuss way to go for an easy make ahead breakfast.

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  5. Thanks, Jill, I will look into it!

  6. I found you through FAT TUESDAY. This looks yummy. I'll be trying it as soon as we get greens in our CSA share.


  7. That looks amazing! I love food like this, that I can make, then dip into for a few days. Interested in seeing how it would work with coconut or almond as I'm avoiding dairy at the moment.

  8. I've used almond milk to sub for milk in recipes and never had a problem. I've even made creamed chipped beef with it!