October 19, 2011

Chickens are not vegetarians...

This is what pastured, free-range, non-vegetarian-eating chicken eggs look like:
My little flock of five buff orpingtons and one half-banty hen laid these.  These ladies and their two rooster fellows roam the property, eating any hapless bug, seed, fruit fall, compost veggie, and occasional grain-free cat food in their path.  Look at that lovely orange color.  The taste is so much better than vapid store-bought eggs and sometimes I have to hit them on the counter twice to crack them - the shells are strong.  Some egg purveyors call their chickens "pasture-raised" or "free-range" but then raise them in small barren pens on factory-packaged grain products.  The telltale signs are a pale yellow yolk and a thin shell.  Don't be fooled.  


  1. your eggs are beautiful. i buy my eggs from several farmers/chicken keepers. some of them really cannot be called farmers. the one that doesn't feed her chickens feed has the orangest yokes. the shells are usually all different sizes and colors.

  2. Gorgeous. I get my eggs from a farm 45 minutes away, along with my raw milk (it's the closest to me - I'm in Boston). They really do taste so much better.

  3. YES! That's what chicken eggs are SUPPOSED to look like! Brava!