October 04, 2011

Quick Post-Workout Dinner

 I don't like to eat before I go to the gym, so I usually wait until I get home.  The cool weather, talk of food amongst the gym members, and the sun peeking out from behind clouds for the first time in weeks had my stomach growling by the time I got home.   I had put out two frozen chicken breasts before I left and they were mostly thawed.  This was not going to be a long preparation!  I put some coconut oil in the heated pan, sprinkled some peri-peri spices on the chicken, and popped them into the pan to sizzle away. I found some frozen locally grown mushrooms in the freezer and fried them up in the pan alongside the chicken. They soaked up the peri-peri spices quite nicely.    Simple and easy and all of 15 minutes, tops.  One for me and one for my husband.  Dessert was a delicious little local unsprayed pear from Everyday Local and a piece of 85% dark chocolate. If you live near Lancaster, PA, check out Everyday Local for incredibly fresh (and free of chemicals) fruit and vegetables sourced locally.  The dog got to lick the plate after and he was quite happy.

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