November 10, 2011

Inspiration Stir Fry...

...So-called because this was totally inspired by the smell of Chinese food wafting through the gym tonight as Sally stopped in to say hello to the strength training class and her coach husband, Mike, at McKenna's Gym with a couple of bags of takeout.  My internal clock has not totally aligned with the changing clock time this week and a 5:15 gym time still seems like 6:15 dinner time to my stomach.  When I get home from a class that includes multiple sets of presses, rows, box jumps, single leg squats with a kettlebell, and rope waves (or whatever you want to call sessions of whacking two 20 foot ropes on the floor), I am hungry.  And I want something quick.
    A quick perusal of the refrigerator yielded a half-eaten chicken carcass from last night's dinner, a bag of snap peas, sliced almonds, garlic, and some leftover mache salad.  I melted some coconut oil in a large pan, added minced garlic, and added the snow peas.  I removed the remaining meat from the chicken, pretty savagely I might add, and put that in the pan.  Next, I added the mache, some fish sauce, salt, a little teriyaki (gluten-free) sauce, and ginger.  Voila, chicken snow pea stir fry!
The fridge also yielded a little bit of leftover rice from a previous dinner.  Yup, I added a little white rice to fill out the meal.  Hit the spot but you can certainly leave out the rice.

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