December 06, 2011

Winter Frittata

I could probably live on eggs.  They are the perfect food for quick meals.  As usual, I looked around the fridge for what was available for a quick meal after a strength training session.  

Bacon - pop in the oven so I don't have to mess with it while fixing other food:
Onions, sweet potatoes, jalapenos, and lard - why not?  These are the whitish sweet potatoes so they are not sickly sweet like the orange ones.  Frizzle until slightly softened.
Pastured eggs and raw goat milk:
Check the bacon - looking good:
Add some chopped frisee lettuce, raw feta, and raw cheddar:
Cover with a lid to cook the top:
Take the bacon out the oven, slice some frittata and enjoy!  I think this turned out to be one of the best frittatas I have made.  Or I was just hungry after gym.

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