February 04, 2012

First Amendment Rights - There is No Money in Getting People Well

Read this:  Janssushibar disclaimer

and this:  Jimmy Moore
These bloggers and more have written about the North Carolina's Board of Dieticians' "review" of Steve Cooksey's blog and what the NCBD perceives as his giving advice and counseling about diabetes contrary to the crap advice they give their clients.  They are threatening to take action against him if he continues to blog about his experience of controlling diabetes with diet.  Steve has found a way to use a paleo lifestyle to virtually cure his diabetes.  This upsets the NCBD since they prescribe the usual American Diabetes Association advice that keeps people sick with insulin, drugs, and a diet plan that makes even healthy people sick.  Several states have pending legislation that would block anyone who is not a licensed dietician or physician from giving health advice.  Seems like someone is feeling threatened. First amendment rights anyone?    There is no money in getting people well.

Here is Steve's blog: http://www.diabetes-warrior.net/
 If I ever develop diabetes, I know who I will go to for advice.


  1. Thank you Laurie for helping to spread the word. As I know you know... this affects many more than just my blog.

  2. Thanks for the link. I am a concerned physician, and when I see success like Steve has had, I want to learn more about it, not punish a man who has been so successful!

  3. You're welcome, Steve. And Dr. Ostric, I wish more physicians could be exposed to the benefits of a paleo diet. Unfortunately, there are no representatives visiting offices pushing the paleo lifestyle for health. Doctors like you will help get the word out!