April 02, 2012

Ribs and Smoky Paprika Bok Choy

Hey everybody!  I've been absent for a while - just needed a break from weekly blogging and it was getting hard to come up with new combinations in the last vestiges of winter.  

Tonight's easy dinner was a rack of ribs from the happy pig and a head of bok choy frizzled with onion, garlic, and the key ingredient:  smoky paprika.   I like ribs dry-rubbed, so I just rubbed them with a spicy mix (you could pretty much do anything here - it all tastes good on ribs).  Popped those in the oven at 350 for about an hour.  Not tough at all - these ribs are from a pastured pig who never saw the inside of a building and lived his life happily wagging his little corkscrew tail as he rooted around outside for food.  The fat created by those ideal conditions enables the meat to remain unbelievably tender.  

As it was cooking, I chopped an onion, the head of bok choy, and some garlic.  I sauteed the onion and garlic in some lard from same said pig, added the stalk parts of the bok choy, then the leafy greens, then sprinkled about 2 tsp of smoky paprika over the whole thing.  That was the ticket.  I like bok choy almost any way, but the paprika added a wonderful flavor and color to the dish.

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