September 30, 2012

Sports in Baltimore

I am not really a huge sports fan.  I can get into the occasional football or soccer game or tennis match, but I don't plan my weekends around watching sports.  But I am from the Baltimore area and I've always had a soft spot in my heart for my hometown teams - the Baltimore Orioles and, since the abandonment by the Colts, the Baltimore Ravens.  The Ravens have rarely disappointed, always being in the running throughout the season, but the Orioles have had a couple of bad decades.  I grew up in the time of Brooks Robinson, Jim Palmer, Eddie Murray, Cal Ripkin,  and a whole host of other players that shined.  It has been sad to see the team struggle but I've still always had faith. 

This year, the Orioles have come back and come back strong!  They have a bunch of players I've never heard of, but the names are starting to become familiar this year.  Last night, they moved in tying for first place.  I am going to go see them in what is probably the best ballpark in the U.S. - Oriole Park at Camden Yards in Baltimore - today for their last home game.  And it is bobblehead day, so I even get a souvenir!  Going to go put on some orange and black, very appropriate colors for this cool fall day, and head down to the park to watch the Birds!

Addendum:  And can I just add that the Baltimore Ravens won the Super Bowl this year!  What a year for Baltimore sports fans!

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  1. Sounds like a good time. I visited Camden Yards a few years back with some friends to catch an Orioles vs. Red Sox game, and I absolutely loved the park! And Baltimore is such a fun city. I'd definitely visit again, especially since it's only a few hours drive from Boston.